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British Retail Consortium In Brussels

Much of the legislation that affects retailers has its origins in Brussels. In what is often a process spanning seven years or more, lengthy negotiations take place and deals are struck between the numerous interest groups and policy makers around Europe.

It is crucial that the BRC engages effectively in Brussels in order to influence these negotiations so that UK trading conditions, consumer attitudes and retailersí needs are considered. The UK retail market is the most progressive and innovative in Europe.

Commentators often say that Brussels is an 'insider's' town. With 10,000 individuals engaged in lobbying activity in the city, knowing who to contact and when is a vitally important skill. The BRC Brussels team has direct, personal experience in EU policy development and most importantly, understands how Brussels works.

Working with colleagues in our European association EuroCommerce, the BRCís current priorities are:

Ensuring that UK and European retail issues are understood by EU lawmakers and opinion formers, particularly in the context of the Commissionís Retail Market report
Maintaining active involvement in the development of food regulations, ensuring consumer concerns are met in a proportionate way
Instigating dialogue on sustainable production and consumption and demonstrating active engagement in the Commissionís Retail Forum
Lobbying against further measures in trade defence, particularly any further antidumping investigations which disrupt our supply chain
Establishing a fair deal on payment card transactions and resolving the ongoing debate around card interchange fees

Should you wish to have any further details about our current priorities please do not hesitate to contact us.

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